Polypro tubing vs. HDPE tubing for LED hoops

Moodhoops come in two different types of tubing, HDPE & Polypro, and 2 main tubing sizes (thickness) 3/4″ and 5/8″ for LED hoops. All Moodhoops hoop sizes and tubing widths are measured by the Outer Diameter (OD). Polypro Tubing LED Hoops Polypro Tubing LED Hoops We recommend HDPE tubing as the default option for LED […]

Are hoops waterproof or water resistant?

WATER DAMAGE is the #1 Killer of LED hoops Water damage found in the hoop is not covered by the Warranty. LED Hoops are not waterproof. The sensitive internal electronic components are not water resistant. Take extra care and consideration to keep your hoop protected. Avoid leaving the hoop outside for extended periods, and also […]

Convert ID to OD Hoop Size

Posted below is the closest hoop size listed as OD that has the same ID as the size you’re looking for, for both 5/8 and 3/4 tubing. Half and quarter sizes are not available. Convert ID to the closest measurement in OD, depending on tubing size Hoop IDInnerDiameter Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 3/4 tubing Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 5/8 […]

How to Coil or Collapse a Hoop

Use these Hoop Coiling Instructions with the Videos below: First, you’ll want to start overlapping the two ends of the tubing (like in the Videos below) *start collapsing hoop*. Once both ends of the tubing are touching the surface you’re coiling on, keep a firm grip on the top of the hoop and flip it […]

What kind of grip does each hoop come with?

FutureHoop Pro and FutureHoop Designer come with 3M grip tape along the inner ring of the hoop. FutureHoop Shuffle, PixelHoop, Classic LED hoops and Minis, and Festival Hoops come with hoop wax added along the inner ring of the hoop. Add extra hoop wax to your order to get unbelievable grip that goes on clear and […]

What are your different hoop tubing options?

Need help deciding on a hoop size? Check out our extensive Hoop Sizing Guide! Moodhoops LED hoops come in two different tubing types: HDPE and Polypro, and 3 different tubing sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ tubing. All Moodhoops hoop sizes and tubing widths are measured by the Outer Diameter (OD). The outer diameter of a […]