MoodHoops has been handcrafting beautiful LED hoops & LED props in the USA since 2011. Started by three friends after getting our minds blown at Burning Man, we first began our hoopcraft in a tiny house on the Weeki Wachee River. Our team has grown to include a diverse group of skilled fabricators who work daily with precision, dedication, and care to make your hoop sessions magical.

When we first started, buying a hoop was hard! Hoop shops were very small, sometimes hobby operations by a single person. MoodHoops was founded to change all of that. We sought out cutting-edge multi-color LEDs in vibrant palettes to design styles and collections for easier shopping. We took pictures with trails, showcasing the magic of LED hooping in a still image. We advanced a removable battery design so you never had to stop glowing. Most importantly we made it easy to find a hoop that fits your style and your budget.

As smarthoop technology entered the scene, we began to experiment relentlessly. We tried to rethink smart hoop visuals from the ground up. The FutureHoop was the first to display complex bitmap images in the trails instead of just chasers and color morphing effects. More importantly it was designed to let the hooper concentrate on dancing instead of fiddling with a control mechanism. Inspired by music visualizers like Milkdrop and procedurally generated demoscene art, FutureHoop would randomize and shuffle to keep the patterns and colors fresh so the hooper could let the flow take over. A year later, FutureHoop Remote and FutureHoop Pro were the first smart hoops to use remote control so the hooper or a friend could take control of the show.

Even today we have never stopped refining our hoopcraft. Our once humble hula hoop website has expanded to include color polypro hoops, taped beginner hoops, fire hoops, and more. We’ve grown into a one-stop shop for any hoop supplies you need. And if there’s something you wish we had that we don’t, please let us know!

Our philosophies

  • Listen to hoopers. The hoop scene changes and we keep innovating. When we first started, hoops were big and heavy, now they’re light! The scene keeps changing so we will keep watching and listening to your needs so we can keep up.
  • No customer left behind. When you contact us, we respond fast. We have a passionate and dedicated customer service team who will not stop until you’re satisfied.
  • You want it now. We work fast and ship fast. Even standard orders reach customers in days, and you can always add Express processing to your order so you get it within one to two business days.