Are MoodHoops collapsible?

Partially collapsed and zip-tied LED hoop. Yes, our LED hoops are collapsible! Moodhoops can come with you! Since the hoops open up so the battery can be put in, you can also carefully loop the tubing around to fully collapse it, then snap it closed. If you’re unsure about fully coiling your hoop, you can […]

Polypro LED Hoop Guide

Important Polypro Tips and Instructions Just starting a hooping sesh and it’s a bit chilly where you are? If you’re outside and it’s a cold day, it may be best to hoop indoors where the ambient temperature is higher. Hooping indoors in a chilly room can also have the same effect though! Hooping in cold […]

How long does the battery last in a FutureHoop?

The FutureHoop was designed with power-saving in mind so you can keep hooping with full and bright animations hours into the night. FutureHoops that use the remotes can increase battery life by turning down the Brightness! Shuffle/Remote:  One battery will last 2-3 hours in your FutureHoop, depending on which mode it is on. The removable […]

Can I use normal batteries in my hoop?

Please review our Battery Safety page, which contains VERY important information regarding Battery Safety, Care, and Charging. Please also refer to the Instruction Manual that is sent with each hoop. Trying to figure out what size battery to get? Check out this Battery Sizing help article here! Nope! Moodhoops use only specialty lithium-ion rechargeable batteries […]