Convert ID to OD Hoop Size

Posted below is the closest hoop size listed as OD that has the same ID as the size you’re looking for, for both 5/8 and 3/4 tubing. Half and quarter sizes are not available. Convert ID to the closest measurement in OD, depending on tubing size Hoop IDInnerDiameter Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 3/4 tubing Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 5/8 […]

What are your different hoop tubing options?

Need help deciding on a hoop size? Check out our extensive Hoop Sizing Guide! Moodhoops LED hoops come in two different tubing types: HDPE and Polypro, and 3 different tubing sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ tubing. All Moodhoops hoop sizes and tubing widths are measured by the Outer Diameter (OD). The outer diameter of a […]

Sizing Guide for Hoop Clothes

These beautiful clothes are designed for hooping and prop flow! Each piece is custom made to order. Enhance your flow with clothing that has been thoughtfully designed to be super comfy and unique, whether for practice or performance! Also great for fire dancing and fire performances. X-Small Bust 31-33″ Waist 24-25″ Hips (upper) 31-33″ Hips […]

FutureHoop Comparison Guide

The FutureHoop Designer weights are very similar to the Pro (non-removable battery) and Remote (removable battery) hoops. Please use these hoop weights for reference until we have new info to post. Futurehoop Shuffle and Futurehoop Remote come with 2-point counterbalancing by default. Futurehoop Pro is 3-point counterbalanced due to the 3 internal batteries. Still have […]