FutureStaff – Next Generation Light Staffs

LED staff spinning allows you to incorporate brilliant color and psychedelic visuals into your movements. Our light-up contact staffs feature cutting-edge 8-bit images in full-blown color, giving you the power to create dynamic and captivating patterns. LED bo staff toys allow you to express your own individuality through this ancient art form to connect with your creative flow and inspire your audience!

Our catalog of FutureStaffs offer you a unique range of options. Whether you want to choose from thousands of shifting patterns with a user-friendly interface or you’re looking for complete control and customizable programming, we have light staffs to suit your specific creative style.

MoodHoops LED Bo Staff Collection

Glow and flow into psychedelic visualizations with an LED bo staff!

LED Staff Accessories

For most spinners, the original FuturePoi is a great choice. Designer is for performers who want total control and programmability. Unlike the original FutureStaff, Designer lets you upload custom patterns and unlock new features as we release them.

You can plug Designer into any OSX/Windows/Linux computer with a USB port and it will show up like a flash drive so you can copy patterns and update files onto it.

FutureStaff Comparison Guide

Designer XL Remote Shuffle
Load custom
Breaks down
for Transport
Stop on
Save Patterns
via Remote
Color changes
via Computer
Sync with
FutureStaff & Poi
# of
infinite 6 5 6
# of
total LEDs
120 80 40 40
60 lines in
10 inches
40 lines in
11 inches
20 lines in
5.5 inches
20 lines in
5.5 inches
Length 12.5 inches 15.5 inches 10 inches 10 inches