FutureStaff Remote


FutureStaff Remote builds on the mind-bending visualizations in FutureStaff Shuffle by adding a 7-key remote control so you can time pattern changes to a beat, randomize colors, save your favorite patterns, and more. The XL upgrade has all the features of FutureStaff Remote and also doubles the number of LEDs, increases the size and detail of the patterns, and adds a special Flame mode. The modular staff attachment is made from durable 1″ OD polycarbonate tubing with a rigid wood core, reinforced attachment points, and a high-visibility center for balancing your contact moves.

If you’re looking for a FutureStaff that lets you add your own patterns and choreography from a Mac or Windows computer, check out FutureStaff Designer HD.

The FutureStaff light elements can be easily disconnected from the staff attachment to support multiple staff lengths.