Calculate Shipping cost

Calculate Shipping To calculate shipping costs, add your full order to your cart, then go to the checkout page. Select the state for Domestic orders, or the country for International orders. Once selected, you should see the different pricing options appear updated in the shopping cart, next to the order total. International customers: Don’t see […]

How to Coil or Collapse a Hoop

Use these Hoop Coiling Instructions with the Videos below: First, you’ll want to start overlapping the two ends of the tubing (like in the Videos below) *start collapsing hoop*. Once both ends of the tubing are touching the surface you’re coiling on, keep a firm grip on the top of the hoop and flip it […]

Do you ship to APO addresses and US Territories?

We do ship to Army Post Offices and there shouldn’t be any issues getting your order out to you, but sometimes APO deliveries will take longer to reach you. We ship to all US territories! To get the correct shipping amount to show in your cart select the territory under the Country options. This will […]

Can I have my tracking info?

To request tracking info, use the Contact form and select Shipping Question, then Request Tracking. Tracking Request If your order has shipped you should have received an email with tracking information at the email address provided for the order. If you made an account on our website you should be able to sign in and […]