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Need a replacement Hoop Connection O-ring?

The hoop connection will function best if the o-ring is kept on the hoop connection.

LED MoodHoops On/Off Switch

What is the Hoop Connection O-ring, and why should you keep it on your hoop?

Let’s first start with how the ON/OFF switch for the lights works with the tubing and snap button to keep your hoop closed.


When closing the hoop to form a full circle, there are two positions that the hoop switch can be closed in: ON or OFF.

When the hoop switch is closed all the way into inner 2nd hole position, the hoop will turn ON with a charged battery.

Where the tubing ends meet at the connection, the inner connection tubing insert needs to flex to use the different positions of the on/off mechanism smoothly.

FutureHoops and PixelHoops also use the ON / OFF switch to change modes without needing a remote control, so it’s important that this connection can slide open and closed as easily as possible.


The small gap where the ends of your LED hoop meet together is the anatomy of the LED hoop that allows that flex when needed to use the switch but ~that does not pinch~ when being hooped with.

The o-ring added to the gap at the switch fills in this spot at the hoop connection perfectly, and the hoop insert will function best if the o-ring is kept on the hoop.

The o-ring in place helps avoid pinching, and gives cushion to the tubing in the spot where it flexes the most, at the connection.

The connection gap has been left just wide enough that if the o-ring is not present, the hoop is still not as likely to cause pinching, but the o-ring should be replaced as soon possible.

Each new LED Moodhoop comes with the o-ring included on the hoop.

O-rings will eventually need to be replaced as they are subject to wear and tear from regular use of the hoop.

O-rings are not covered by the warranty, as this is a consumable part of owning a LED hoop, similar to the rechargeable hoop batteries that power the hoop.


The flex of the tubing at that connection joint needs a little bit of room for the on/off mechanism to function best.

The small gap at the connection is designed to ease some of the pressure on the snap button.

If the connection space is too tight this makes the snap button part of the on/off switch difficult to use. Since the tubing forms a circle, this puts pressure on this part of the hoop connection.



Hooping in the OFF position should be avoided as it risks kinking/damaging the connection insert or damaging the “smart” electronics around the connection.

“inner tubing connection” – “hoop connection insert” – “inner cuff” …so many names!

This area of the hoop where the switch connects contains the most sensitive parts of the hoop.

Hooping with the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position is generally bad for your hoop and should be avoided, as this puts stress on the inner tubing insert.

When the hoop is properly closed in the ON position, the inner connection is braced and supported by being inserted into the larger tubing.

Smaller sizes of hoops form a tighter circle, so the smaller the hoop, the more pressure there would be on the connection from not being properly braced by the larger tubing, if hooped with while off.

Hooping only in the ON position is best for the long-term durability and connection of the hoop.


The connections for LED Moodhoops have been designed around being able to open up the hoop so it can be collapsed or partially collapsed for storage or travel.

Hoops with a non-removable battery would be best to store their hoops partially collapsed instead of fully collapsed. If a hoop is being fully collapsed and linked back up again, it should be stored in the fully ON position.

With a non-removable battery style hoop like FutureHoop Pro or FutureHoop Designer, fully collapsing the hoop should be avoided to avoid damaging the connection. Only partial collapsing the hoop with zip ties is recommended for non-removable battery FutureHoops.

Extra Care

FutureHoops have the most components since they can do the most! PixelHoops have less parts, and Classic hoops have even less. These hoops are not indestructible and need to be treated with care, no matter which kind of LED hoop they are.

If you’re a beginner, like to hoop or experiment with a faster or more aggressive hooping style.. that’s awesome! Just remember to keep in mind that you may want to save your roughest sessions for your toughest LED hoops, or for day hoops.

Polypro Day Hoops

Polypro day hoops are built with no gap at the connection since a day hoop is built completely differently than a LED hoop. 🙂

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