hoop wax


Moodhoops Hoop Wax is a lightweight, removable and transparent alternative to sanding or taping your hoop.

Hoop wax rubs smoothly on your hoop to provide unparalleled grip, but doesn't come off on skin or clothing.

Rub vigorously along the inner ring of your hoop to create a textured surface.


Hoop Wax Party Pack

Show up to a festival with gifts for friends

Brand new hoop tubing is smooth plastic, it doesn’t grip your body or your clothing well. For years there have been two popular grip solutions: tape and sanding. Tape works pretty well but it changes the look of your hoop and adds weight. Sanding your hoop works pretty well too but only adds a limited amount of grip. Sanded hoops don’t grip clothing as well as could be desired.

Moodhoops Hoop Wax is the latest solution to getting the best grip on your hoop.

  • Hoop Wax applies clear so it doesn’t change the look of your hoop (and doesn’t block the LEDs on your Moodhoop!)
  • Hoop Wax is extremely lightweight and formulated to apply smoothly, but doesn’t come off on clothing or leave color on your hoop.
  • Hoop Wax can be scraped off and reapplied as desired. Some hoopers prefer a very light application while others like it applied thick to give you unbelievable grip.
  • Hoop Wax is vegan-friendly and does not have any animal derivatives. Customers with sensitive skin have not reported issues to us since we started offering it.

Rub the Hoop Wax back and forth quickly along the inner ring of your hoop to apply. Add a little or a lot to create a unique grip that works on skin and clothing. Hoop wax is also vegan-friendly <3

Hoop Wax makes a great gift! It’s in the shape of a heart!

Hoop Wax is super grippy. No, seriously. Throw a fresh coat of Moodhoops Hoop Wax on a brand new polypro hoop and you’ll find that knee hooping in leggings is easier than ever, just by adding more grip.