Define Options per-FILE (Update)

With this update you can now define certain options on a per-FILE level. This means that you can have different patterns running at different animation speeds (including motion reactive) inside the same mode. To set options for a particular pattern, create a text file with the same name as the bitmap file, except for the […]

Resize Patterns in Pixlr is a free online bitmap editor that you can use through your browser, no need to download or install anything. Pixlr will let you choose an image from a file or a URL to upload into their image editor. From there you can resize the image, then save it as a bitmap. Patterns must […]

Does Designer have Bluetooth or Wifi?

Designer does not have Bluetooth or Wifi built in. After experiencing hoop-to-phone connection issues with some other products and realizing bandwidth restrictions in our testing, we decided to focus on delivering a rock-solid programmable hoop experience first before we start designing a wireless version. We hope that by the time we look into this again […]

Update Designer Software

Check out our Help Docs for more helpful info about using your Designer hoop, poi, or staff! One of the best features about the FutureHoop Designer is that you can quickly and easily load software updates, new features, and patterns packs as we develop them. Contact us if you tried to apply an update and […]