Are MoodHoops collapsible?

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Partially collapsed and zip-tied LED hoop.

Are Moodhoops collapsible?

Yes, our LED hoops are collapsible! Moodhoops can come with you! Since the hoops open up so the battery can be put in, you can also carefully loop the tubing around to fully collapse it, then snap it closed.

If you’re unsure about fully coiling your hoop, you can also partially collapse it and add zip ties in several places along the coiled tubing to keep it in a coiled shape. This should be done with great care, of course, as kinked tubing isn’t covered by the warranty.

If there is a mishap we have very quick retube services, but with practice, collapsing the tubing is definitely something that you can become good at doing. If your tubing needs to be replaced just write in to us and we’re happy to get your hoop fixed up and sent back to you quickly. 🙂

LED Hoops & Polypro – Polypro tubing is more brittle than HDPE.
Polypro is stiffer, more difficult to coil down, and more likely to crack when bent, especially in colder temperatures. HDPE is our default choices for LED hoops since the tubing is overall more durable. Check out our Polypro LED Hoop Info and Care Guide for more info.

Long-term Hoop Storage:
It’s best for the shape of the hoop to only keep it fully collapsed for temporary transport and travel.

Are Non-LED Moodhoops collapsible?

Yes they are! Beginner Hoops break down into segments.

Polypro Day Hoops are able to open and partially collapse but it’s not advised to fully collapse like a Moodhoops LED hoop. Polypro hoops have an inner sleeve that cannot take the pressure from the hoop being collapsed and locked into place. Fully collapsing and closing the hoop will cause the inner sleeve to kink. The locking snap button allows the hoop to be opened and partially collapsed, but the hoop should not be coiled and locked into place for storage. A kinked inner sleeve is not covered by warranty.

We recommend using zip ties or painters tape (or reusable velcro straps) to partially collapse your hoop into a circular shape for storage or travel. On our hoop coiling help page there are several videos that can to help make coiling your hoop less scary. Check out the first and third videos where you can see a hoop being partially collapsed and zip tied into place!

Coiling Your Hoop

Hoops should not be coiled for long term storage. Environmental factors over time can warp coiled hoop tubing. Hoops can be coiled down for transport, though some of the smaller sizes, especially in stiffer polypro tubing, can be a little more difficult to coil.

There is a significant chance that you could kink the tubing while attempting to coil the hoop down for temporary transport. Kinked or cracked tubing is not covered by the warranty, so coiling your hoop should be done carefully and is at your own risk.

If you’re unsure about fully coiling the hoop you can still partially collapse it. Once partially collapsed you can add zip ties. Velcro, or painter’s tape in several places along the coiled tubing to keep it in a evenly rounded shape, making sure the ends are fixed down. If in doubt about whether you can fully coil your hoop without kinking it, don’t coil all the way.

Video: How to Collapse Your LED Hoop

Reshaping Your Hoop

Exposure to heat when the tubing is coiled or stuck in non-circular shape can cause the tubing to warp and should be avoided.

To get your hoop back into shape, allow the hoop to lay on a flat surface in the sun to allow it to flatten out. For hoops with removable batteries, remove the hoop battery from the hoop before laying your hoop out in a warm room for reshaping.

Using your Transport Cuff

Hoops are shipped to you with a ‘transport cuff’ which allows a hoop to be carefully fully coiled. Your hoop will arrive coiled this way. The outer cuff is not attached and is for transport purposes only. The cuff provides stability when the hoop is in a coiled shape, but it should be completely removed before attempting to uncoil or open the hoop.

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