What are your different hoop tubing options?

Need help deciding on a hoop size? Check out our extensive Hoop Sizing Guide! Moodhoops LED hoops come in two different tubing types: HDPE and Polypro, and 3 different tubing sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ tubing. All Moodhoops hoop sizes and tubing widths are measured by the Outer Diameter (OD). The outer diameter of a […]

How is PolyPro different than HDPE tubing?

PolyPro is great for day hoops because it is lighter by volume than normal HDPE tubing. This gives you a silky-smooth, lightning-fast hoop for practice and performance. For LED hoops however, it has some disadvantages that you should be aware of. Since LED hoops have batteries and counterweights inside, the lightness of PolyPro is not […]

Polypro LED Hoop Guide

Important Polypro Tips and Instructions Just starting a hooping sesh and it’s a bit chilly where you are? If you’re outside and it’s a cold day, it may be best to hoop indoors where the ambient temperature is higher. Hooping indoors in a chilly room can also have the same effect though! Hooping in cold […]

Should I choose HDPE or Polypro?

Check out the chart below to see weight differences between HDPE and polypro tubing Regarding whether choosing polypro tubing changes the weight of the hoop, it does, but not by very much. You can see in the 3/4″ weights chart that the difference between the HDPE and polypro option is pretty small. And with the […]