International Orders

Customers outside the US should read the information below before ordering.

When orders are shipped over international borders the receiving country may charge an import tax (also called a customs fee or import duty). We have no control over when and how these taxes are charged. Some governments provide a calculator so you can estimate these fees before ordering, for example here is one from the Canadian government. If you can’t find an import duty calculator for your country you may want to contact your customs agency.

All transactions are billed in US Dollars (USD). Currency conversion will be performed automatically by the payment processor. Currency conversion rates fluctuate constantly, but you can estimate the conversion rate by using Google (example: “100 usd to cad”) or any number of online currency conversion calculators.

Canada Standard
9-17 business days
Canada Express
5-7 business days
International Standard
10-20 business days
International Express
7-9 business days

Business days do not include holidays or weekends. If your order is time-sensitive and has a deadline please let us know.

Please keep in mind that your country’s import agency may delay incoming shipments for inspection. We have no control over when or how this might happen. Try to order as far ahead of your deadline as possible both to save money and mitigate the effects of delays.

Orders may be shipped with either the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. If a specific courier service is desired please let us know.

If you need to redeem a product warranty both the repair and return postage will be paid for by us. To ship the product to our workshop, however, the customer will need to purchase their own postage.

All of our products come with battery chargers that fit standard US electrical outlets. Adapters to fit into non-US wall outlets are not included.

International Order Form

Most of our international customers can purchase items normally using the checkout page. For some countries we need to handle orders using the form below. You may have received a message to this effect when you tried to checkout. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you fill out the form below one of our customer service representatives will send you an invoice via PayPal with a shipping quote included. If you pay that invoice your order will be processed and shipped as normal. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

  • Required in case shipping carrier or customs agency needs to contact you.
  • Please remember to include the sizes, quantities, and any upgrades you desire (like polypro tubing or extra batteries). One easy way to do this is to add the items to the cart, then copy and paste the order text into this box.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY