How to Coil or Collapse a Hoop

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Coiling your Hoop:


Carefully coil the hoop down and use zip ties to fix it into place. We don’t recommend fully doubling the hoop over on itself.

You’ll want to make sure you use 6-8 zip-ties (or as many as you need) to really coil the hoop down evenly.

It’s most important that the ends of the hoop are shaped along the curvature of the hoop and are pointed downwards instead of straight out.

This helps to make sure the tubing doesn’t straighten out at the ends during the shipping process of sending the hoop back to us.

Use these Hoop Coiling Instructions with the Videos below:

  • First, you’ll want to start overlapping the two ends of the tubing (like in the Videos below) *start collapsing hoop*.
    Once both ends of the tubing are touching the surface you’re coiling on, keep a firm grip on the top of the hoop and flip it upside down so that the two ends are now facing upwards.
  • As you’re flipping, leave one hand holding the tubing on the bottom and move the other hand to the top of the hoop to keep it secure, preventing the tubing from flying out.
  • Once the hoop is flipped and secure, keep one hand at the top of the tubing and use the other hand to grab one of the ends of the tubing sticking out.
  • Using the same hand as the one that grabbed the first end of the tubing, secure and hold both the end and the coiled part of the hoop, now repeat on the opposite side with the remaining end sticking out.
  • From there you can snap the hoop into place and you have a nicely coiled hoop. 🙂

Collapse & Coil Hoop with Zip ties

Fully Coiling Hoop

Partially Coiling Hoop

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