Soft LED Poi

$24.99 $18.99

An affordable pair of poi, great for beginners! These poi are super soft and emit a gentle color-changing glow when you turn them on.

Extra Power:

Each Poi operates with 3 batteries inside unit at one time.

Handle Options


Each Poi operates with 3 non-rechargeable battery cells inside each unit at one time.

Battery type: AG13/357A (1.55V) Alkaline Battery. Add on 6 or 12 extra batteries above to your poi order so you’ll have a change of batteries to keep glowing.

Poi Handle Options

The Soft LED Poi come standard with white MoodGrips for a knob-style contact handle. MoodGrips are made with a soft, ergonomic silicone outer grip and easily adjustable weight. Upgrade to the color of your choice or choose cloth handles if you prefer.

Weight is easily adjustable with addition of any 3/4″ outer diameter washers (5/16″ x 3/4″ is standard).
Weight per handle is approx. 16g, 33g with 6 washers. Pom Grips accepts any rope, cord or cable up to 3/8 inch diameter.