How to Hula Hoop

The act of hula hooping may look simple, but it can feel very complicated – especially if you’re trying to teach it to someone else or trying to learn a fancy move yourself. Fortunately, there’s a rhythm to hula hooping – and that makes learning easier. Our guide to hooping for beginners explains everything you […]

How to Coil or Collapse a Hoop

Use these Hoop Coiling Instructions with the Videos below: First, you’ll want to start overlapping the two ends of the tubing (like in the Videos below) *start collapsing hoop*. Once both ends of the tubing are touching the surface you’re coiling on, keep a firm grip on the top of the hoop and flip it […]

What are your different hoop tubing options?

Need help deciding on a hoop size? Check out our extensive Hoop Sizing Guide! Moodhoops LED hoops come in two different tubing types: HDPE and Polypro, and 3 different tubing sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ tubing. All Moodhoops hoop sizes and tubing widths are measured by the Outer Diameter (OD). The outer diameter of a […]

Difficulty Opening Hoop

If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your hoop, there’s an easy fix for this. 🙂 Hard to see dirt or debris can get into the hoop where it slides in, causing the hoop to become difficult to open or close. Take a moment to wipe off the connection piece of the hoop that slides […]