How often should I charge my battery?

Q: Is it a good practice to plug my hoop/poi in to charge after every use to keep the battery full? Even if I only use the hoop/poi for a few minutes? A: Lithium-ion batteries are happiest when stored at about half charge if it will be sitting for a long period of time. If […]

What size battery should I get for my LED hoop?

Never be left in the dark! Add extra batteries to your cart to be sure you’ll keep glowing strong for practice, play, and performances! The hoop battery chargers fit all sizes of the lithium-ion batteries that are sold on the website: Double Battery Charger Single Battery Charger Write in to us if you have any […]

Are the hoop batteries rechargeable?

Yes, all MoodHoops use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Remember that even rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan. You should purchase backup batteries so you’re never out of charge at a bad moment (like during a night out dancing, or while entertaining friends).

Battery Safety and Care

The lithium-ion batteries that light up your LED hoop have three times the power of the normal batteries that you can find in the grocery store. These special batteries need extra care, maintenance, and consideration during use, storage, and transport. Visit our Battery Safety and Care page for important details.

How often should I charge my battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are happiest when stored at about half charge if you know they will be sitting for a long period of time. If you know you’ll be using your hoop, poi, wand, fans, or staff again soon then it’s best to charge it up so that you can get the full play time with […]

How long does the battery last in a FutureHoop?

The FutureHoop was designed with power-saving in mind so you can keep hooping with full and bright animations hours into the night. FutureHoops that use the remotes can increase battery life by turning down the Brightness! Shuffle/Remote:  One battery will last 2-3 hours in your FutureHoop, depending on which mode it is on. The removable […]

Can I use normal batteries in my hoop?

Please review our Battery Safety page, which contains VERY important information regarding Battery Safety, Care, and Charging. Please also refer to the Instruction Manual that is sent with each hoop. Trying to figure out what size battery to get? Check out this Battery Sizing help article here! Nope! Moodhoops use only specialty lithium-ion rechargeable batteries […]