Fire Hooping is Fun!

Master the ancient practice of fire art with MoodHoops’ diverse collection of fire hoops, fire props and accessories. Fire art and fire dance have been performed for thousands of years in various forms, and they never ceases to amaze and entrance audiences. There is just something inherently beautiful about the combination of fire and motion.

Our detachable hoop fire wicks allow you to customize your fire props, since they can be moved to different fire hoops and tubing sizes in just minutes. Light up the night and leave your audience mesmerized by the beauty and timelessness of your fire art. Let your creativity run wild and get your burn on!

MoodHoops Selection of Fire Hoops and Fire Props

Get your burn on with these incredible fire hoops and fire props!

Upgrade Your Fire Hoop to PolyPro

Getting a polypro upgrade for your fire hoop? Use these pics to figure out which colors are your favorites.