Convert ID to OD Hoop Size

Posted below is the closest hoop size listed as OD that has the same ID as the size you’re looking for, for both 5/8 and 3/4 tubing. Half and quarter sizes are not available. Convert ID to the closest measurement in OD, depending on tubing size Hoop IDInnerDiameter Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 3/4 tubing Hoop ODOuterDiameterin 5/8 […]

Fire Hoop Sizing Help

It’s good to purchase a hoop size that is closest to the size of the hoop that you’re most comfortable with your regular hoop size. The Fire Wicks will add about 5 inches to each end of the hoop, for a total of 10 inches added to the clearance of your hoop. Your regular sized […]

What size hoop should I get?

For all the details, refer to our Hoop Sizing Guide. There’s not one single answer to that question, but it’s partially dependent on skill level. The golden rule of hoop sizing is: bigger, heavier hoops are easier to keep up and slower to hoop with. Smaller hoops are lighter and more versatile for dance moves, […]