FutureStaff Designer


For most people, the original FutureStaff XL is a great choice. Designer is for performers who want total control and programmability. Unlike the original FutureStaff, Designer lets you upload custom patterns and unlock new features as we release them. You can plug this programmable LED staff into any OSX/Windows/Linux computer with a USB port and it will show up like a flash drive so you can copy patterns and update files onto it.

  • Intuitive 7-key remote control interface
  • Super crisp, HD LEDs
  • Loaded with all the colorful, detailed images from the original FutureHoop, FuturePoi, FutureWand, and Pixelhoop.

The modular staff attachment is made from durable 1″ OD polycarbonate tubing with a rigid wood core, reinforced attachment points, and a high-visibility center for balancing your contact moves.

Staff Length *

The FutureStaff light elements can be easily disconnected from the staff attachment to support multiple staff lengths.

Poi Leashes

FuturePoi and FutureStaff use identical light elements. Optionally add some poi leashes to your staff order for extra versatility.