Elegant Dance and Flow Fans

Accentuate the elegance and flow of your movements with our silk dance and flow fans. With the highest quality fabrics and gorgeously vibrant colors, our sophisticated fans will help you create a visual effect unlike any other.

Whether you want to project effortless power or create a graceful, weightless effect, these silk fans flow beautifully with your body, luxuriously sweeping along with your movements. Our variety of unique colors and patterns are created with purpose, allowing you to achieve any effect and infuse meaning into your dance. Mimic the elements in your environment with fans inspired by water, fire, and lava or create eye-catching designs with bold, neon colors!

MoodHoops Silk Flow Fan Collection

Let these gorgeous silk flow fan options inspire you to dance!

💞 Silk fan demo featuring Dizzy Dynamic

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💞Butterfly Bustle Skirts

Create a stunning graphic layer on top of clothing or a swimsuit. Add a flowy bohemian flair to any look as a wrap skirt, shawl, or cape. These magical costume pieces bring their own natural flow and inspire you to move! 🦋