FuturePoi Micro

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FuturePoi Micro is a super affordable, half-size version of our other FuturePoi models.

Synchronization allows both light elements to match patterns and change in sync with each other. The poi will automatically start shuffling through patterns with both units changing every six seconds.

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Special Modes:

Cycle through to the next mode by clicking the switch on and off again. Each mode blinks a different color to let you know what mode you’re in.

  • Motif – (blinks pink) Inspired by traditional art motifs with a splash of 8-bit iconography. Dynamic colors and effects layer to create endless variations and hypnotizing trails.
  • Flames – (blinks green) Like fire poi but without the distinct smell of burning hair.
  • Rainbow – (blinks blue) More rainbow colors than a unicorn puking on a prism.
  • Traditional – (blinks orange) Emulates the appearance of more traditional pre-smartpoi LEDs.
  • Waveform – (blinks red) Geometric waveforms produce mind-bending patterns that look great in orbitals and tight spins. Consumes very little power so your battery lasts the longest in this mode.
  • Galaxy – (blinks white) A smooth and constant rainbow ripple to allow for mellow moods and flow-focused routines. Hypnotic and calming whether still or in motion.


  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Height: 6 in.
  • Width: 1 in. OD frosted polycarb
  • Display: Each poi contains 12 LEDs with the graphics drawn in 10 lines of resolution on one side of the board and with an additional LED lighting up each end. Each poi displays 8 in. of light.
  • Battery Run time: TBA (but at least as good as Futurepoi Lite)
  • Charging: Rechargeable via micro USB connection.
  • Sold as a pair. Your choice of thick, high-quality cord handles or colorful silicone contact grips.
  • Wall Charger and 2 micro USB cables included to charge both poi simultaneously.

Handle Options

The MoodGrip is a highly versatile knob style handle made with a soft, ergonomic silicone outer grip silicone that’s great for contact moves. Weight is easily adjustable with addition of any 3/4″ outer diameter washers (5/16″ x 3/4″ is standard).

Note: The following pics and video are taken with Futurepoi, not Futurepoi Micro. Futurepoi Micro pics and video coming soon.


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FuturePoi / FutureStaff Comparison Guide

Shuffle Remote XL Lite Micro
Autoplay with randomization
Sync with other FuturePoi
Customization via remote control
Can stop on a pattern
Mode Save
Tap Tempo (set to a beat)
Staff Modular
Opaque Tubing
Frosted Tubing
# of Special Modes 5 6 6 5 6
Weight 5.1 oz 5.1 oz 7.1 oz 4.4 oz 4 oz
Height 10 in 10 in 15.5 in 10.5 in 6 in
# of LEDs 40 40 80 40 12
Light Resolution 20 lines in 5.5 in 20 lines in 5.5 in 40 lines in 11 in 20 lines in 8 in 12 lines in 6 in


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