FutureHoop Designer


For most hoopers, the original FutureHoop is a great choice. Designer is for hoopers who want the total control that comes with a programmable smart hoop. Unlike the original Futurehoop, Designer lets you upload custom patterns and unlock new features as we release them. You can plug Designer into any OSX/Windows/Linux computer with a USB port and it will show up like a flash drive so you can copy patterns and update files onto it.

  • Easily load your custom patterns
  • Intuitive 7-key remote control interface
  • Interactive motion sensor
  • High definition and gapless LED options
  • Brightness and pattern change timing control
  • Download updates to gain access to new features as we develop them
  • Loaded with all the crisp, detailed images from the original FutureHoop, FuturePoi, FutureWand, and Classic LED hoop styles.

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