How do I sync two FutureHoop Remote/Pro?

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How do I sync two FutureHoop Remote/Pro?

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The Saved Mode bank of each hoop allows you to save 14 of your favorite patterns to the hoop 🙂 Saved patterns can be made from Motifs, Spirals, customized Galaxy colors, Iso or Pop menus. Using the remote and having the hoops close together, you can program the Saved modes into the hoops at the same time, though it might be easier to do one hoop at a time.

In order to get the hoops to be in sync, you would need to turn them on at the same time in the ‘Saved Mode’. The patterns in the Saved menu will start on a 6 second pattern change that go in linear order of the numbered saved slots. As long as all of the hoops are turned on at the same time in the same mode, they should display their patterns in sync.

Once you have the patterns in the Saved slots, the order of the patterns will display in the same order each time you go into the Saved modes. Even if you turned off the hoop in the middle of the pattern cycle, they would still start from the beginning of the modes when you go into the Saved modes menu in the saved mode, these patterns automatically change to the next saved pattern every six seconds.

To to get to the Saved menu without using your remote, click the hoop on and off until you reach the Blizzard special mode (blinks an aqua blue). This is the last special mode in the click-through menu until it is the Saved mode (blinks yellow). All hoops should have their last click-through mode have been Blizzard, then turned off. This will allow the hoop to go directly into the Saved mode when it is turned on using the on/off button next.

Once you have come across the pattern that you would like to save, press the ‘Save’ button. The hoop will blink back pink to let you know it is in Save mode and is ready to receive the info from your remote button press as to which Save slot number it will be saved into. Then, press a number, 1-14, to store the pattern in that numbered save slot. The hoop will blink back the color of the numbered button that you just saved the pattern to, to confirm that you have saved it to that slot.

You can save up to 14 patterns to the hoop, that will continue to display in a loop when the hoop is turned on to the Saved mode.

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