The pixelWand packs beloved classic styles and new elemental color themes into one colorful wand. Spectral modes and complementary colors give you a solid dose of your daily rainbows.

Comes with a 7-key remote control for easy navigation between modes and patterns, speed control, and tap tempo.

Handle Options *

String Options *

We recommend the thicker Technora string for the PixelWand as it’s slightly heavier and the thin string wears out sooner. See our wand extras for additional long string options!

Silicone Contact End Caps

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow. Qty 2.

Wand Extras

Choose any additional items you would like to receive with your LED wand! String kits come with the lengths of string in both Micro thin and Technora thick, 2 swivels, and a needle.