The PixelWand packs beloved classic styles and new elemental color themes into one convenient wand. Spectral modes and complimentary colors give you a solid dose of your daily rainbows. Comes with a 7-key remote control for easy navigation between modes and patterns, speed control, and tap tempo.

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Handle Options *

String Option *

Choose the thickness of the string you would like to have put on your LED levi wand in the default short string length! See our wand extras for additional long string options!

Surface Layer

Add on a silicone contact surface or a translucent tape that shimmers in the daylight. View options in the product photos.

Silicone Contact End Caps Upgrade

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow.

Wand Extras

Choose any additional items you would like to receive with your LED wand! String kits come with the lengths of string in both Micro thin and Technora thick, 2 swivels, and a needle.

The Levitation Wand is a mystifying prop for flow, manipulation, dance, and performance!


  • Classic – Scroll through multiple classic styles of our well known and loved color schemes. Luna, Saffron, Neon, Julep, Element, Jasmine and more.
  • Rainbow – Modulate the speed of the rainbow morph effect using the Speed button. Turn up the speed so the rainbow appears white when still, but in motion unlocks the full spectrum. Slow the speed down for a more chill vibe. The Rainbow mode at the fastest speed showing all white is heavy on battery.
  • Aura – Elemental color schemes play with color gradients and complemental pairings. Fire, water, sunset, desert, earth, pastels, and other thematic combinations.
  • Halo – Solo colors can easily adapt to its surroundings, or enhance flow-focused routines. Use the Speed button to stop the color cycle and fine tune to your favorite solid colors.
  • Chasers – Wispy chasers bend the light and use minimal power. Great as a beacon for your friends to find you while keeping the battery usage low.

String & Handle Options

A removable ring allows you to perform split string moves or moves with the string together! A small ring on the string is removable to play with the wand in traditional open loop style. This dual feature is something that can offer versatility to your wand experience.

Micro String

The thin Micro String is a micro braided ice line that is Teflon coated and super thin, but very durable. Thin string offers less traction and more invisibility for the illusion of levitation.

Technora String

The thick Technora string has a thicker braid and is made of Polyethylene (PTFE) coating. Extra durable. Thick string is good for heavier wanding and toss practices.

Finger Loop or MoodGrip

The MoodGrip is a highly versatile knob style handle made with a soft, ergonomic silicone outer grip silicone that’s great for contact moves. Weight is easily adjustable with addition of any 3/4″ outer diameter washers (5/16″ x 3/4″ is standard).

Another handle option is a finger loop attached to a swivel and split ring to allow the handles to be changed out quickly.

Contact Add-ons

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow.

Silicone End Caps

  • Custom-designed contact end cap weighs 1 ounce each.
  • Add up to 10 washers into the top of each cap for up to 10 grams of extra weight on each end.
  • Clear contact caps are illuminated by the LEDs!
  • Clear, Pink, and Green caps are UV reactive under blacklight.

Silicone Grip Tape

Add a layer of clear silicone tape to provide maximum surface layer for contact wand moves.

Silicone Ball Grip Handle

MoodGrips are a grippy silicone handle option that’s comfortable and great for contact. Available in many colors! Orange, Pink, and Green are UV reactive under a blacklight.

Surface Layer Options:

Customize your flow tool with either a contact or daytime decorative surface layer. The translucent tape lets the light of the LEDs shine brightly through while disguising the rest of the interior parts of the LED levitation wand.

Silicone Grip Tape for Contact Wand: Adds a layer of clear silicone tape to provide maximum surface layer for contact wand moves.

Silhouette Holoform Tape Layer: Holographic rainbow effects during the day and a super cool silhouette effect when playing with it lit up at night!

Translucent Indigo Sunrise Tape Layer: Iridescent, color morphing effect during the day! This tape will also make a small transformation to the look of the LEDs giving a slight pastel light diffusion, but still the same pop of color!

Opal Crush: Textured, iridescent tape morphs through teal, indigo, and fuchsia with hints of golden amber along the edges. The dimensional texture reflects in all directions and changes drastically depending on the lighting.

Wand Specs:

  • Double sided LEDS with 12 on each side (24 LEDs total)
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Weight: 4-5 oz; 6-7 oz with silicone grip tape and contact caps
  • Tubing material: extra durable 3/4″ OD frosted poly-carbonate
  • Comes standard with vinyl end caps that can be changed out to heavier contact caps
  • Split ring and detachable string attachment measures to approximately 32 inches in total length
  • Micro USB charger (included)

3-10+ hours run time (depends on mode being used – Chasers mode consumes less power than Rainbow mode, for example)


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