Future Toys by MoodHoops - The Future of Toys Has Arrived

Our future toys utilize animated LEDs to create incredible and distinctive smart hoop patterns. MoodHoops has pioneered remote controlled LED technology in flow toys, adding modernized, high-speed POV animation effects to achieve mesmerizing visualizations to compliment your unique style and flow seamlessly with your movements. Our renowned FutureHoops are available in both 3/4” and ultra light 5/8” tubing, giving you the option to show off your skills in your own way.

Although our LED hoops are famous for their craftsmanship and vibrancy, we didn’t stop there. With innovative technology and high-quality materials, we have expanded our animation engine to work beautifully in a variety of presentations. Choose from our collections of animated LED poi, staffs, wands, and fans to show off your creativity no matter how you flow.

The MoodHoops Future Toys Collection

Our Future Toys include LED Hoops, Poi, Staff, Wands, and more!