Clear Protective Hoop Tape


Add a Crystal Clear tape layer over decorative hoop tape to give extra protection from peeling, nicks and scrapes. The effect of the decorative tape underneath still shines through and the pattern is not distorted.

Each roll is 1″ x 55 yards (3.6-mil thickness)

Add grip tape on top of the transparent protective layer to provide extra traction while hooping!

“Crystal Clear” Transparent Polypropylene Overlay Tape is non-yellowing & UV resistant.

Decorative tape will still take damage over time, but you can add a clear layer “patch” over where the tape has been nicked or shredded to prevent it from peeling.

This tape layer doesn’t add its own grip to the hoop and adding a layer of grip or gaff tape will give the hoop the traction needed to keep it gripping to skin and clothing. Check out the 1/2″ hoop tape or 3M grip tape!

Remember to add the clear tape layer first, then the grip tape layer on top!