The FutureWand generates psychedelic visualizations and detailed renditions of iconic images in lush color palettes and full blown color.

Easily click through 6 themed modes full of patterns and stunning visual effects to bring your levi wand flow to a new level of playful creativity!

Choose Futurewand Shuffle if you’re on a budget or upgrade to Futurewand Remote for extra control over the modes.


Handle Options *

String Option *

We recommend the thicker Technora string for the FutureWand as it’s slightly heavier and the thin string wears out sooner. See our wand extras for additional long string options!

Surface Layer

Add on a silicone contact surface or a translucent tape that shimmers in the daylight. View options in the product photos.

Silicone Contact End Caps Upgrade

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow.

Wand Extras

Choose any additional items you would like to receive with your LED wand! String kits come with the lengths of string in both Micro thin and Technora thick, 2 swivels, and a needle.

The Levitation Wand is a mystifying prop for flow, manipulation, dance, and performance!

Upon startup, the FutureWand will automatically start shuffling through patterns, changing every six seconds. FutureWand features Special ‘click-through’ modes and pattern sync that allows you and another person with a FutureWand to show identical patterns that change in sync with each other.

Cycle through the Special Modes by clicking the button to turn the FutureWand on and off again. With each click-through the wand will blink the next menu color and start at a 6 second shuffle.

Futurewand Remote has all the same patterns and features as Futurewand Shuffle, but also comes with a small 7 key remote for extra control. The remote allows you to:

  • Navigate through all the different patterns and pause on a particular pattern.
  • Tap Tempo your pattern changes in time to a beat.
  • Save your favorite patterns to a special mode bank.
  • Control the brightness.

Special Modes

  • Motifs (blinks pink) – Inspired by traditional art motifs with a splash of 8-bit iconography. Dynamic colors and effects layer to create endless variations and unbelievable trails in lush color palettes.
  • Waveforms (blinks green) – Geometric waveforms produce mind-bending patterns. Consumes very little power so your battery lasts longer.
  • Spirals (blinks blue) – Spiraling colors whirl and chase with different aesthetic themes and varying speeds..
  • Flames (blinks orange) – Realistic flames that capture the essence of spiraling fire. This mode is only a single flame pattern.
  • Chill (blinks aqua) – Soft colors ripple, blend, roll, and melt into each other with subtle transitions.
  • Beacon (blinks purple) – Pulsing, flashing, and dripping modes that are great for power-saving and make a quick-to-spot signal from a distance.
  • Galaxy (blinks white) – A smooth and constant rainbow ripple to allow for mellow moods and flow-focused routines. Hypnotic and calming, whether still or in motion.

String & Handle Options

A removable ring allows you to perform split string moves or moves with the string together! A small ring on the string is removable to play with the wand in traditional open loop style. This dual feature is something that can offer versatility to your wand experience.

Technora String or Micro String
The thick Technora string has a thicker braid and is made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. We recommend this string for the FutureWand, as the wand is heavier than a taped wand, so the Technora string is extra durable. Thick string is generally good for heavier wanding and toss practices.

The thin Micro String is a micro braided ice line that is Teflon coated and super thin, but still durable. Thin string offers less traction and more invisibility for the illusion of levitation, but it wears out sooner due to the weight of the FutureWand.

Handle Options
The MoodGrip is a highly versatile knob style handle made with a soft, ergonomic silicone outer grip silicone that’s great for contact moves. Weight is easily adjustable with addition of any 3/4″ outer diameter washers (5/16″ x 3/4″ is standard).

Another handle option is a finger loop attached to a swivel and split ring to allow the handles to be changed out quickly.

Contact Add-ons

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow.

Silicone End Caps:

  • Custom-designed contact end cap weighs 1 ounce each.
  • Add up to 10 washers into the top of each cap for up to 10 grams of extra weight on each end.
  • Clear contact caps are illuminated by the LEDs!
  • Clear, Pink, and Green caps are UV reactive under blacklight.

Silicone Grip Tape:
Add a layer of clear silicone tape to provide maximum surface layer for contact wand moves.

Ball Grip Handles:
MoodGrips are a grippy silicone handle option that’s comfortable and great for contact. Available in many colors! Orange, Green, and Pink are UV reactive under a blacklight.

Surface Layer Options:

Customize your flow tool with either a contact or daytime decorative surface layer. The translucent tape lets the light of the LEDs shine brightly through while disguising the rest of the interior parts of the LED levitation wand.

Silicone Grip Tape for Contact Wand: Adds a layer of clear silicone tape to provide maximum surface layer for contact wand moves.

Silhouette Holoform Tape Layer: Holographic rainbow effects during the day and a super cool silhouette effect when playing with it lit up at night!

Translucent Indigo Sunrise Tape Layer: Iridescent, color morphing effect during the day! This tape will also make a small transformation to the look of the LEDs giving a slight pastel light diffusion, but still the same pop of color!

Opal Crush: Textured, iridescent tape morphs through teal, indigo, and fuchsia with hints of golden amber along the edges. The dimensional texture reflects in all directions and changes drastically depending on the lighting.

Wand Specs:

  • 44 LED density
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Weight: 4-5 oz; 6-7 oz with silicone grip tape and contact caps
  • Tubing material: extra durable 3/4″ OD frosted poly-carbonate
  • Comes standard with vinyl end caps that can be changed out to heavier contact caps
  • Split ring and detachable string attachment measures to approximately 32 inches in total length
  • Micro USB charger (included)

3-10+ hours run time (depends on mode being used – Beacon mode and Waveform modes consume less power than Chill mode, for example)

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