Are hoops waterproof or water resistant?

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Are hoops waterproof or water resistant?

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WATER DAMAGE is the #1 Killer of LED hoops

Water damage found in the hoop is not covered by the Warranty.

  • LED Hoops are not waterproof. The sensitive internal electronic components are not water resistant. Take extra care and consideration to keep your hoop protected.
  • Avoid leaving the hoop outside for extended periods, and also avoid humid, wet, or damp environments, like wet grass, wet sand, or where dew or moisture can collect.
  • Do not leave your LED Hoop outside while camping or overnight.

If you need to send in your hoop with water damage, just let us know through the Troubleshooting/Repair form and we will discuss all options to get you glowing again. 🙂

You can find more warranty information here:

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