Custom Size FutureStaff Attachment

Made from durable 1 inch OD polycarbonate tubing featuring a rigid wood core for contact staff moves. The modular connections are compatible with FuturePoi Shuffle, Remote, XL, and Designer. Version 1 FutureStaff Attachment (version 1) Version 2 standard sizes FutureStaff Attachment (version 2) Version 2 custom sizes FutureStaff Custom Attachment (version 2)

How do you sync up the FuturePoi?

There are a few ways to get your patterns to sync on your FuturePoi or FutureStaff to create a choreographed routine. The Remote and XL models come with a remote control to give you fine-grained control over the change speed, patterns displayed, as well as 14 Save slots for Motifs or Waveform patterns. The remotes work […]