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Is the remote control not working, or did the battery just run out of juice? The CR-2025 coin cell batteries used for these remotes can be found at most local grocery stores or hardware stores.

We also offer replacement remote batteries in less-expensive 5-packs. These are great to have as back-up! Change out to a new battery before performances with specific choreography work using the remote control, or if your flow tool seems less responsive to the remote.

Follow these steps to test if the remote is sending out a signal:

  • Open the front-facing camera on your phone
  • Point the remote towards it and press any button.
  • With each button press, you should see the sensor on the remote light up on your phone screen.

If you're not able to see the remote light sensor light up on your phone screen, then we know for sure the remote is not sending the signal. Make sure to use a new battery and confirm that it's seated inside of the remote properly, with the grooved part of the battery facing down and the flat part facing up.

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