Is there a Choreography feature?

Yes there is! Choreography features were added into the latest FutureHoop Designer and FuturePoi/Staff Designer software update, as of the end of April. Check out the Choreography Files section of the Designer Online Manual for more information. Sign up for our Designer Updates Newsletter to know when new features are ready for download. The Downloads […]

How do the Motion Modes work?

Motion modes use the movement and orientation of the hoop to drive the row-by-row animation of a bitmap pattern. There are currently two types of motion control: wheel and globe. In a motion mode, when you turn, the direction of animation will change depending on which direction you are turning the “wheel” or rotating the […]

FutureHoop Designer Battery Run Time

The FutureHoop Designer has the option for either removable batteries or internal batteries. Removable batteries leave a small light gap, but you could have virtually endless hoop sessions, as long as you keep putting in a fresh battery. Designer hoops with the ability for the battery to be swapped out for a frsh one are […]

Designer Hoop Build Options

StandardLEDDensityRemovablebattery StandardLEDDensityInternalbattery HDLEDDensityRemovablebattery HDLEDDensityInternalbattery MainBuildFeature longestcontinualbatteryrun time gaplessLEDs,averagebatteryrun time sharperresolution,continualbatteryrun time sharperresolution,minilightgap BatteryRunTime 2-4hours 2-4hours 1-2hours 1-2hours Charging removable14500 li-ionbattery internalbatteryvia USB removable14500 li-ionbattery internalbatteryvia USB LEDDensityImageSharpness 36 36 62 62 BatteryGap 3 LEDgap gapless 6 HD LEDgap 1-2HD LEDsmini-gap Included 4 li-ionrechargeablebatteries,charger microUSBcord,walloutlet 4 li-ionrechargeablebatteries,charger microUSBcord,walloutlet

Fixing dim colors in Photoshop

Fixing dim colors in Photoshop Some colors can look okay in the bitmap on your computer, but appear dim on the hoop. To make the bitmap brighter, you’ll want to look at your colors in the HSB settings (Hue Saturation Brightness) and turn up Saturation and Brightness until they are closer to 100%. In Photoshop […]

Which futureHoop or futurePoi is right for me?

For hoopers If you want the ability to upload custom bitmaps or motion reactivity, get Futurehoop Designer. If you want remote control and customizability without having to use a computer, get FutureHoop Pro. If you don’t need a remote control and just want a beautiful lower priced smart hoop get a FutureHoop Shuffle. Long-time customers […]

FutureHoop Comparison Guide

The FutureHoop Designer weights are very similar to the Pro (non-removable battery) and Remote (removable battery) hoops. Please use these hoop weights for reference until we have new info to post. Futurehoop Shuffle and Futurehoop Remote come with 2-point counterbalancing by default. Futurehoop Pro is 3-point counterbalanced due to the 3 internal batteries. Still have […]