Adjusting Bitmap Sizes for Poi/Staff

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Adjusting Bitmap Sizes For Poi/Staff

How do you decide the size of a bitmap pattern to the poi?

Bitmap Basics
Bitmaps images are measured in pixels by width and height.
Pixels are sometimes abbreviated as px within the image editor tools.
Before moving a pattern to your poi you’ll want to make sure it’s saved in the correct format (.bmp) as a bitmap, and that the image isn’t too large to be easily visible when the poi is in motion.
Remember, all bitmaps/patterns need to be inside of a folder/mode for the patterns to be able to display.

Bitmap Width
Each poi has 60 LEDs (as measured in pixels) that can be displayed on each light without getting cut off.
If a bitmap is wider than 60 pixels, the extra part of the image will get cut off. If you’re trying to use high resolution images you’ll need to scale them down quite a bit.

Bitmap Height or Length
The length of your bitmap can be as long as you like! You can place patterns directionally along the length of the bitmap to create a “border” effect when you spin.

Resizing High Resolution Images
When saving a bitmap file to use as a pattern, you may first need to edit/resize/scale down, and resave the image to fit the display area of the lights. Using an image editor (Paint, Paintbrush, Pixlr) you’ll be able to both resize/scale the pixels of the image, as well as save it in the correct .bmp format.

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