Pattern not showing up when added to hoop

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Pattern not showing up when added to hoop/poi/staff

Note that bitmaps you upload to Designer props must be inside a folder or they will be skipped. Remember, each folder is a Mode. If a bitmap isn’t inside a folder then it doesn’t belong to a mode, preventing you from accessing it. Also, you can’t put a folder inside another folder (i.e. a mode inside another mode) or it will be skipped. Non-supported file types (.png, .jpg, .gif, etc) will also be skipped.

Make a Test Folder and add your Pattern

To make sure a new pattern works you can create a Test Folder (name it Test Folder) on the Hoop Drive/Poi Drive. Your Hoop Drive will read the file folder names alphanumerically, so "Test Folder", starting with T and being closer to the end of the alphabet, means this folder will towards the end of your list of file folders. Folders being listed alphanumerically makes it easier to remember when navigating through your folders/modes with the remote control. Once you've made your test Test Folder, add your pattern(s) into the Test Folder. When you turn your hoop on you can press the 'Navigate Back a Folder' button at least twice. The first time you press the 'Navigate back a Folder' button, that will restart the mode at the beginning of the folder. Press the button again in succession and you will start to navigate backwards in your list of folders on the hoop. Use the forward and backwards button to locate the Test Folder on your hoop with the pattern(s) in it. If the above steps are not working for you please contact us. We will ask you to send us the image you uploaded to your hoop so we may diagnose the problem. 🙂

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