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Navigation Feedback

This visual navigation feature on the hoop is enabled by default. Turn it on or off in the Options.txt file in your hoop/poi drive.

The buttons Previous Mode, Next Mode, Previous Pattern, and Next Pattern let you find the specific mode or pattern you want to play back.

When using Previous Mode and Next Mode, or when starting the hoop, you will see a brief flash of a series of LEDs that represents the number of modes on the hoop (corresponding with the number of folders on the flash drive) and a pink LED that represents the mode you are currently in.

As you continue to navigate using Previous Mode or Next Mode you will see the pink LED move backwards or forwards through the folders.

As represented in the Options.txt file
Lights up a series LEDs that corresponds with the number of folders, with a pink LED representing the folder you are currently playing.

Values: enabled, disable
Default: enabled