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Crossfade between Changing Patterns

By default, there is a brief crossfade when playback moves to the next pattern. The duration of the crossfade can be adjusted according to the CrossfadeTime option.

  • The numbers represent the length of time the patterns crossfade, in milliseconds.
  • A higher number means a longer, slower crossfade.
  • A lower number means a shorter, quicker crossfade.
  • CrossfadeTime can be disabled by setting the value to zero.

CrossfadeTime – in milliseconds
Default: 200
Max: 10000
Min: 0

We came across this great video on Instagram of @hipkitten_ experimenting with the different Crossfade settings and with extra tips from @arielle_meow_xo.💞

loving the long cross fade between patterns 😻#futurehoopdesigner

A post shared by hope amber (@hipkitten_) on

@hipkitten_ loving the long cross fade between patterns 😻#futurehoopdesigner

@arielle_meow_xo Yes me too I changed mine to 8000, I adore the crossfade. Looks really cool on the pixel setting if u change the crossfade to like 8000 then keep the transition time at like 6 or 8