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This feature lets you keep both a folder of your favorite patterns and a few of your favorite modes in easy access without having to reach for your remote.

Save a pattern to your “favorites” folder on the fly using the remote control
Press and hold the heart button while playing any pattern to copy it to a specific folder defined in the Global Options:
FavoritesFolder = “favorites”

Add new patterns to “favorites” from your computer
The default pattern collection comes with a directory called “favorites” already created for you. You can manually add new bitmaps/patterns into this folder as well as from the remote control.

Include your own new “favorites” mode into your StartUpFolders options.
This tells the hoop to always start up into the favorites folder. After saving all your favorite bitmaps/patterns into this folder, you can set the Global Option:
StartupFolder = “favorites”

You can also use the FavoritesFolder in conjunction with a few modes
StartupFolder = “favorites”, “07 chasers”, “12 galaxy”

Visual Feedback you’ll see:

  • Flashes green 3 times if copy was successful.
  • Flashes orange 3 times if the pattern is already in the favorites folder, does not duplicate the pattern.
  • Flashes red 3 times if something went wrong! Give it a try again, making sure to hold the button down long enough.

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