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Autoplay Settings

Autoplay Settings in Options.txt

Autoplay means your hoop will automatically move to the next pattern at a regular timing interval, according to the value of Autoplay in Options.txt. Autoplay is both the name of the setting in the Options.txt file, and is also what it does. When the last pattern in a folder is reached, the mode will wrap around to the first pattern again and keep going.

Autoplay settings in the main Options.txt file on the hoop drive will affect autoplay for every mode/folder unless you make a folder-specific Options.txt file inside the mode you want with different Autoplay settings. In the Options.txt file, you can set the Autoplay to be as long as 30 seconds in between changes, or as short as 1 second.

By default your hoop will begin to autoplay patterns at the startup of the mode. You can also disable Autoplay with: Autoplay = disable. (more info in the glossary)

Autoplay from the Remote

Adjust and set the timing interval between patterns changes on the fly by using the “Tap Tempo” feature of the Autoplay button on the 7-key remote. Press the Autoplay button two or more times to a beat to set how fast you want autoplay to move to the next pattern. The time interval between the last two button presses sets the time interval of change between patterns.