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Hoop Brightness

Hoop Brightness

There are two ways you’re able to adjust the brightness on your hoop. You can utilize the Brightness function on the 7-key remote control that comes with the hoop, or you can set your default brightness via the Options.txt file.

DefaultBrightness – Currently can be “low”, “medium”, or “high”. Default: medium

CurrentLimit – Limits the max current used by LEDs (in milliamps). If you feel like your hoop is too dim even at the brightest setting, you might want to try increasing this. If your battery is old, or you have a lot of LEDs displaying a power hungry pattern (solid white, for example), a battery shut-off could trigger. In that case try lowering this value slightly.
Suggested value: 1500

Default: 2000
Min: 500
Max: 2000