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Getting Started

Getting Started

Turn it on and start hooping! Your hoop comes pre-loaded with patterns and default settings, so you can play with it right out of the box. Nearly everything about this hoop is customizable to suit your preferences. To accomplish this, your hoop has a memory that works just like a USB flash drive.

The hoop’s USB drive contains folders, and those folders contain bitmaps (.bmp files). Bitmaps are a universal type of image file that you can edit in most image editors. Each bitmap file is called a Pattern.

A folder of bitmap patterns is called a Mode. The hoop’s flash drive also contains some configuration files. You don’t need to mess with the configuration files at all if you just want to start playing.

On/Off Switch

Even if your remote isn’t with you, you can still select modes by turning the power off & on again.
Each mode starts on a 6 second pattern autoplay (or according to the value of Autoplay in options.txt) and will cycle through the patterns in that folder, then start over again from the beginning.


By default your hoop will begin auto-playing patterns at startup. Autoplay means your hoop will automatically move to the next bitmap at a regular interval (according to the value of Autoplay in options.txt). When it reaches the last bitmap in a folder it will wrap around to the first bitmap and keep going.

By default, there is a brief cross-fade when (that can be modified) it moves to the next pattern (according to the value of CrossfadeTime in options.txt).

To advance to the next startup mode, just turn your hoop off and on again, or use the remote control.