Is FuturePoi Designer HD compatible with the modular staff attachment?

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Is FuturePoi/FutureStaff Designer HD compatible with the modular staff attachment and poi leashes?
The FutureStaff and FuturePoi Designer are not modular and cannot change between poi and staff. FuturePoi XL and Remote are modular with a staff attachment and poi leashes and can be easily changed between both.

FutureStaff Designer Handle Build Details

FutureStaff Designer: Non-collapsible (one solid piece)
Single clear polycarbonate tube with wood core for rigidity.

FutureStaff Designer: Collapsible (4pc)
Easier to transport. Removable wood core for lighter weight option.
With this design, the middle piece slides in and sits underneath each end of the staff and snaps into place with snap buttons. Once you have it snapped in, the middle piece cannot be seen. You can add or remove the wooden core depending on your weight and stiffness preference.

How do you slide the wooden core in and out?
The wooden core can slide in and out of either end, you would just need to remove one of the snap buttons (metal clips) first. This can be done with a pair of pliers, or even a pen, by pushing it in the hole with the button is and then sliding the piece out.

How small does it breakdown?
For a 4’6 staff, each segment is no longer than 30″ when disassembled. We can definitely customize this length for you, though the minimum length we can go with is 28″. Contact us if you’d like to get a custom size staff.

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