What makes the FuturePoi Lite & the FuturePoi Shuffle different?

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What is the difference between FuturePoi Lite & FuturePoi Shuffle?

  • Shuffle has a higher resolution (3.5 LEDs per inch) and is housed in a diffused polycarbonate tubing, which makes the lights appear a little softer.
  • Lite has a lower resolution (2.5 LEDs per inch) than the Shuffle and is housed in a clear polycarbonate tubing, which makes the lights crisper and can be interpreted as being brighter.
  • FuturePoi Lite is not made to be attached to a staff, like the more modular design of the FuturePoi Shuffle.
  • FuturePoi Shuffle will display the same pattern on each light element, but the drawing effects (colors & display field or "stretch") are different on each one.
  • With the FuturePoi Lite, both light elements will display identical patterns.

What's the difference between Motif and Sync mode?

Sync mode allows you to match up your poi patterns with any other FuturePoi model. Motif mode, and any mode on the FuturePoi Lite, will always match to each other and other FuturePoi Lite.
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