Which futureHoop or futurePoi is right for me?

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For hoopers

If you want the ability to upload custom bitmaps or motion reactivity, get Futurehoop Designer.

If you want remote control and customizability without having to use a computer, get FutureHoop Pro.

If you don’t need a remote control and just want a beautiful lower priced smart hoop get a FutureHoop Shuffle.

Note! We renamed FutureHoop Remote to FutureHoop Pro (removable battery). Get a 5/8 FutureHoop Pro with a removable battery if you’re looking for a ultra-light smart hoop! We combined them into one product since they use the exact same programming. Only the name has changed, it’s still the exact same hoop. 😊

For poi spinners

If you want the ability to upload your custom bitmaps, get Futurepoi Designer HD.

If you want a lower-priced option but still want some customization abilities, get Futurepoi Remote or Futurepoi XL.

If you don’t care about customizing or control and just want a lower priced option get a FuturePoi Shuffle.

If you want small and cheap smart poi with fewer LEDs, get Futurepoi Micro.

$399.00 $379.00