Battery Run Times – How long does a battery last in a Moodhoop?

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Different hoops and LED props will use the rechargeable battery at different rates depending on the model, brightness, modes, and size of the battery.

FutureHoop Shuffle/Remote (removable batteries):
One battery will last 2-3 hours in your FutureHoop, depending on which mode it is on. The removable battery design lets you run full color visuals all night long, just swap out for a new battery. Each FutureHoop comes with 4 batteries, but only 1 should be used at a time.

FutureHoop Pro (internal batteries):
Depending on the mode you’re in, the FutureHoop Pro can last 2-5 hours before it would need to be plugged in to charge.

Classic Hoops (removable batteries):
Depending on the style you select, our Classic LED hoops last anywhere from 1-9 hours on a single charge
Some styles use more battery power than others. We have selected the hoop styles that we know will have a good battery life to help counteract the small capacity of the ultra-lightweight battery that is used in the featherweight hoops.

FuturePoi XL, Remote, Shuffle (internal batteries):
Motif: 10 hours, Waveform: 22 hours, Motif Chaining: 10 hours, Galaxy: 8 hours

FuturePoi Lite, Micro
Motif: 2+ hours, Waveform: 4+ hours, Motif Chaining: 2+ hours, Galaxy: 2+ hours, Sync: 2+ hours
Lite programming while on galaxy mode: about 3 hours 35 minutes

FutureWand (internal batteries):
3-10+ hours run time (depends on mode being used – Beacon mode and Waveform modes consume less power than Chill mode, for example)

Pixel Wand (internal batteries):
3-10+ hours run time (depends on mode being used – Chasers mode consumes less power than Rainbow mode, for example)

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