LED Triquetras

$154.00 $139.00

Find a new doubles flow with this unique prop that blends fans and mini hoops! Whether still or in motion their unique shape and movements are perfect for stunning indoor and outdoor performances.

Sturdy and lightweight design, with a nearly invisible battery casing. Bring a new and challenging element to your spinning and prop manipulation.

Mix or match LED Triquetra color styles to make a mirrored or complimentary pair.

Triquetra Style #1: (polypro) *

Triquetra Style #2: (polypro) *

Extra Power:


Sleek and minimal design allows the removable battery to be almost invisible.

  • Measures 25″ across, sold as a pair
  • Each LED triquetra weighs 10.4 oz. with battery
  • 2 small 14500 batteries and double charger included
  • 18 LEDs, 3/4″ OD translucent polypro tubing
  • Uses the same removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery as our hoops!


Ali Luminescent with Saffron & Julep Triquetras

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