How long does the battery last in a FutureHoop?

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How long does the battery last in a FutureHoop?

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The FutureHoop was designed with power-saving in mind so you can keep hooping with full and bright animations hours into the night.

FutureHoops that use the remotes can increase battery life by turning down the Brightness!


One battery will last 2-3 hours in your FutureHoop, depending on which mode it is on. The removable battery design lets you run full color visuals all night long, just swap out for a new battery. Each FutureHoop comes with 4 batteries, but only 1 should be used at a time.

Pro (internal batteries): 

Depending on the mode you’re in, the FutureHoop Pro can last 2-5 hours before it would need to be plugged in to charge.

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