Are Polypro hoops collapsible like a Moodhoops LED Hoop?

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Are Polypro hoops collapsible like a Moodhoops LED Hoop?

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Our hoops are shipped to you with a ‘transport cuff’ which allows a hoop to be carefully fully coiled. Your hoop will arrive coiled this way. The outer cuff is not attached and is for transport purposes only. The cuff provides stability when the hoop is in a coiled shape, but it should be completely removed before attempting to uncoil or open the hoop.

Since the hoops open up, you can partially collapse the hoop if you’re unsure about fully coiling it. Once the hoop is partially collapsed you can add zip ties in several places along the coiled tubing to keep it in a coiled shape.

Please remember that kinked or cracked tubing is not covered by our warranty, so coiling your hoop should be done carefully and is at your own risk. Some of the smaller sizes, especially in stiffer polypro tubing, can be a little more difficult to coil.

We recommend using zip ties or some other sturdy method to partially collapse your hoop into a circular shape for storage or travel if you no longer have the transport cuff.

Check out the picture below to see a partially collapsed and zip-tied LED hoop.

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