halo LED Hoop


Choose the color of your halo! All hearts aglow for this elegant all solid color hoop of solid ribbon LEDs with a long-lasting run time.

Want every classic hoop style in one hoop? Check out PixelHoop instead.

Halo Color *

White $0.00 Purple $0.00 Blue $0.00 Green $0.00 Lime Yellow $0.00 Amber $0.00 Orange $0.00 Red $0.00 Coral $0.00

Hoop Extras

Get a backup battery! Glow all night!


A little gift bag for you or someone special. Includes 3 small hoop wax hearts, 2 pairs of Hearts Glasses, 2 extra batteries with case, and a MoodHoops hat pin. Or just get a hat pin for your collection.