halo LED Hoop


Choose the color of your halo! All hearts aglow for this elegant all solid color hoop of solid ribbon LEDs, with a long-lasting run time!

Solid Pink, and Solid Mint Halo are currently sold out. If you're still looking for a single-color hoop, check out the Haze LED hoop, which is very similar to the Halo hoop. The Haze hoop's LEDs create a “dotted strobe” pattern when the hoop is in motion, instead of a solid line like with the Halo hoop.

Want every classic hoop style in one hoop? Check out PixelHoop instead.


Hoop Extras

Extra Power

Get a back-up battery! Glow all night!

Temporary Offer

Gift Bags:

Little gift bag for you or someone special! Includes three small hoop wax hearts, 2 pair of Hearts Glasses, two cased 14500 batteries, and a Moodhoops hat pin.