haze LED Hoop


All hearts aglow for this elegant solid color hoop with a long-lasting run time! Single-color lights are bright and crisp, and the perfect accessory to any outfit, or costume.

This hoop uses single-color “strobe” LEDs that appear mostly solid (gently flickers) when still. When the hoop is in motion the solid appearance separates into dotted streaks of light.

Please reference the main product photo in White to see the light pattern the Haze hoop will create.

The LED light pattern of the Haze hoop will not be solid as pictured in the sample color photos, a this LED creates a “dotted strobe” effect. The photos shown when the colors are selected are for color reference only.


Hoop Extras

Extra Power

Get a back-up battery! Glow all night!

Temporary Offer

Gift Bags:

Little gift bag for you or someone special! Includes three small hoop wax hearts, 2 pair of Hearts Glasses, two cased 14500 batteries, and a Moodhoops hat pin.