5/8 LED Mini hoops


Mini hoops let you perform poi-style moves like weaves, flowers, and buzzsaws. They are also great for fan moves, isolations and tosses. Sold as a pair.

Seamless connection mini LED hoops with a removable AAA-sized battery. 5/8″ tubing in HDPE and Polypro for 23″ OD mini hoops, or 22″ OD in HDPE.
Moodhoops Hoop Wax added for grip.


Mini #1 Style *

Mini #2 Style *

Mini Hoop Extras

Twice the LEDs

Mini Hoop Features:

  • 5/8″ OD tubing
  • counter-balanced with battery
  • seamless inner battery connection
  • weighs approx 7.7oz in HDPE & 7.4oz in Polypro
  • 12 LEDs in each mini, with upgrade option for Twice the LEDs
  • Included: comes with 2 10440 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and single wall charger

Glow all night, with additional rechargeable batteries.

Size Options

To keep the integrity of the shape of the hoops in such a small size, 23″ OD is the only size offered in 5/8″ polypro tubing. 22″ OD is available in HDPE tubing only.
For the full range of our minis sizes (18″ to 23″ OD) please check out the Classic 3/4″ Minis.

Double Rainbow All The Way!

Stand out from the crowd. This hoop can be upgraded with twice the LEDs!

Please take note: Twice the LEDs means twice the battery drain! The batteries don't last as long when there are 2x LEDs so we include extra batteries! Sweet! But for real, you might want to snag some extras so you can stay lit all weekend.

One other important note with double density LEDs... the battery gap is a little more noticeable, and is more pronounced in smaller hoop sizes.

moodhoops-twice-the-leds-fruity moodhoops-twice-the-leds-neon moodhoops-twice-the-leds-watermelon

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