5/8 LED Mini hoops


Mini hoops let you perform poi-style moves like weaves, flowers, and buzzsaws. They are also great for fan moves, isolations and tosses. Sold as a pair.

Seamless connection with a removable battery. 5/8″ OD tubing in HDPE and Polypro for 23″ OD mini hoops.
Moodhoops Hoop Wax added for grip.


Mini #1 Style *

Mini #2 Style *

Mini Hoop Extras

Twice the LEDs

Mini Hoop Features:

  • 5/8″ OD tubing
  • counter-balanced with battery
  • seamless inner battery connection
  • weighs approx 7.7oz in HDPE & 7.4oz in Polypro
  • 12 LEDs in each mini, with upgrade option for Twice the LEDs
  • Included: comes with 2 10440 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and single wall charger

Glow all night, with additional rechargeable batteries.

23″ OD Size Option

To keep the integrity of the hoops in such a small size, 23″ OD is the only size offered in 5/8″ tubing.
For the full range of our minis sizes (18″ to 23″ OD) please check out the Classic 3/4″ Minis.

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